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    Why Choose Us ?

    Established since 1980 – work experience of 35 years!
    A proud ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 company
    Equipped with the latest machineries and technology

  • Suppliers since 1980

    A wide range of products

    1. Industrial Pure Gases
    2. Gas Mixtures
    3. Ultra High Purity Gases
    4. Speciality Gases
    5. Cryogenic Liquids

  • Engineering and cryogenic solutions

    1. Gas Purging and Leaking Detection
    2. Fabrication of SS/copper pipelines for gas distribution

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Gases and Cryogenics Specialist

Welcome to Speciality Gases Limited – a proud ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 company; renowned as one of the most respected and trustworthy manufacturers and suppliers for 35 years in the gas market. We manufacture and supply  industrial, pure and speciality gases and mixtures.

Our Strengths :

  • We are equipped with the latest machineries and technology for refilling Ultra High Purity Gases and Mixtures.
  • Our engineers with their years of experience in Gas, Cryogenic and Engineering industries; provide expert supervision for all the production processes.
  • All our products are tested and certified by our in-house laboratory.
  • Depending on your consumption patterns and quality of material required, our technical team will guide you at choosing the right mode of supply that’s most productive for your company.

Our wide range and high quality of products, years of work experience and dedicated service have earned us a loyal customer base. Consistently serving them with nothing but the very best has always been our passion.

Mr. Aakash Patel

Mr. Aakash Patel

Director Marketing, Projects / Specialitygases

Mr. Aakash Patel has done M.A. in International Financial Analysis from University of Newcastle upon Tyne. His role in the company is to develop and handle projects, ventures, purchases, products and associations with the company. He has Marketing and Projects department under him. His additional role in the company is to handle day to day activities of the company and to lead company towards achieving its goals.

Mr. Bhupendra Patel

Mr. Bhupendra Patel

Managing Director / Specialitygases

Mr. Bhupendra Patel is Managing Director and Founder of this company. He has over 30 years of experience and reputation in the gas market. He started his company Strong Jyot Pvt Ltd 30 years ago and today the company is known as Speciality Gases Pvt Ltd. His role in the company is to advice and direct company and management to reach their short and long term goals. He guides and advices the finance department.

Mr. Ketan Patel

Mr. Ketan Patel

Technical Director / Specialitygases

Mr. Ketan Patel has done Mechanical Engineering from L.D. College of Engineering. He has over 8 Years of experience in Gas and Cryogenic Plants. His role is to ensure that Speciality Gases produces the quality material and each batch is tested and verified at in the in-house laboratory. He advices company and the clients for any technical issues and advances they require. Ketan Patel is a Technical Director for Speciality Gases and has team of 8 technical people under him.

Mr. Girish Soni

Mr. Girish Soni

Finance Head / Specialitygases

Mr. Girish Soni is the Finance Head of the company and handles day to day financial activities of the company.