Gas Mixtures are basically any combination of two or more gases. At Speciality Gases we can mix from two gases to multiple gases with various components. Gas mixtures provide a lot of benefits to industries with improvement of yields, optimise performance and lower down the cost of production.

At Speciality Gases, we manufacture industrial standard mixtures with industrial defined ratios and can also make customer specified and special purpose mixtures for specific applications.

With the help of our latest industrial equipments and gas mixing technology we can provide you any Industrial Gas mixtures with accuracy of +/- 1% of the components in the mixtures.


Concentration Required Mixing Tolerance (% Relative) Concentration Range within which component must be in % Certified Concentration in % Certified Accuracy in % Relative Concentration range within which real value must lie in %
1.00 10 0.90 – 1.10 1.02 2 1.00 – 1.04

Following are few Gas mixtures that we manufacture on daily basis.

  • Argon + Hydrogen
  • Argon + Helium
  • Argon + Oxygen
  • Argon + Nitrogen
  • Argon + Carbon Dioxide
  • Argon + Neon
  • Argon + Krypton
  • Argon + Hydrogen + Helium
  • Argon + Carbon Dioxide + Oxygen
  • Nitrogen + Oxygen
  • Nitrogen + Helium
  • Nitrogen + Hydrogen
  • Nitrogen + Carbon Dioxide + Helium

All above Gas Mixtures are supplied with Industrial Standard Ratios; it can be customized to the customer requirement.


Following are the categories of the Gas Mixtures which are available at Speciality Gases Pvt Ltd. We can prepare fixed ratio mixtures as per the Industry standards, and also can customise as per the customer requirements for the following categories.


  • Calibration Gas Mixtures
  • Process Gas Mixtures
  • Traceable Gas Mixtures
  • Natural Gas Mixtures
  • Refinery Gas Mixtures
  • Liquefied Gas Mixtures
  • Stack Emission Monitoring Mixtures
  • Safety Equipment Calibration Mixtures
  • Ethylene Mixtures for fruit Ripening
  • LPG Calibration Mixtures
  • Gas Mixtures for Hospitals